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Cloud Mouth

Chasm of desire and boundless eaphoria

Beckoning m lustful eyes

With your lips to bend my will.

Hypnotic in thier beauty,

You lure me closer and pull my strings.

Like a puppet, I aim to please -

to satisfy my master’s unholy commands.

I am an object to a hedonist’s thrill.

I look to the heavens and see the clouds,

to feel thier lush and warming moist.

Every inch of my body begins to quiver

when your phallic glory makes its throbbing known.

Infected by your heavenly joy,

I begin to feel a pulse in my loins

[Side note: I never got to finish writing this piece. This was the first draft. I hope I will finish it one day, and publish a polished/finished product =)

Oh, I wrote it the day after I met my current lover. =)]

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